This is a common question in the salon and one that is no secret. Salon Director Oli, is actually both ‘Oliver’ and ‘Lee’ – Huh, what you say?
But yes it’s true!

Just like many of our favourite superheroes our very own Oli has his own alter ego, at the tender age of twenty-four after sporting the name Lee since birth, ‘Oli’ was given the task of finding a new name for use in the hairdressing world.

Its an industry given thing that if you join a salon and someone has the same name as you that you will be required to change your name as otherwise it complicates client bookings. So many hairdressers have two names!


After trying out several different names for size, ‘Lee’ stumbled upon the name ‘Oli’ short for ‘Oliver’ and felt it was the right fit and…

Oli was born.

When tasked with the decision to name his own salon, Oli came to the conclusion it would be fitting to use both his names to tip his hat to his double identity!

There we have Oliver & Lee Hair Design.

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