With the summer approaching, hopefully (fingers crossed) we are looking at our salon products which will become your best friend to get you through the sunny weather!

Whether you’re going away seeking sunnier climes, frequenting some of the lovely places to visit here in England or just spending more time styling your hair for weddings and summer parties, then your hair is going to take some summer damage.

So bring on the heat protectors and treatments
…our stars of the moment!

If you are a client here at Oliver & Lee you know that during the styling part of your haircut, we will use one of our selected haircare products to compliment your hair texture and haircut.

Our two ‘go to’ products at the moment are Uniq 1and Thermal Image, and they are gracing our ‘Product of the Moment’ display on our sparkly gold reception desk…


Uniq 1 – Revlon (All in one hair treatment)

For those travelling abroad or who tend to spend lots of time outside during the summer months we could not recommend Uniq 1 enough. Its perfect to protect your locks from the suns damaging UVA & UVB rays so you can be sure your colour doesn’t fade as much and the salt, sand and chlorines drying effects don’t affect your hair.

Plus is smells absolutely divine! Think of beach hot weather, sun kissed skin, a cocktail or beer (or two!) on the go- this product is summer in a bottle with its heavenly coconut scent!

Spritz Uniq 1 on whilst hair is damp and style as necessary. If like me, you spend your holiday at the beach or pool this works great on damp hair in the morning, skip the blowdry and let the product work while you relax. Uniq 1 offers 10 REAL BENEFITS for your hair but lets face it if a products smells this good that in itself is a good reason to treat your hair.

This product is great on medium to thick hair although it can be used if you’ve got fine hair, its just best to use it sparingly.

Thermal Image – Wella Professionals

After the drying effects of the summer sun, hair needs a bit of extra looking after especially if you put your hair through its paces with irons to get it super straight. Step in Thermal Image and let you hair smile again with this style staple and enjoy beautifully styled, happy hair!
The first thing that strikes you about this product is its vivid purple colour which sits at the top of the bottle, so to activate the product- give it a shake to make sure its mixed (think Tom Cruise mixing an Alabama Slammer in Cocktail!)

This incredibly lightweight product sits on the hair to help protect it from the heat of irons, which can be damaging to the hair. Its best used on after blow drying to smooth and tame those flyaways and nourish hair which is subject to the intense heat of your irons.
It has a soft scent which is great to compliment any product you may have used when your hair was wet!

Its ideal for any hair type as its not sticky or oily so wont give any resistance or weigh it down, perfect for relaxed summer hair or a super sleek look.


Of course, if your sun saturated hair needs that little bit more care and attention we have hair treatments available which can be added onto your colour service, or even just because. Just because you care about your hair.

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