We believe we simply can’t give you the best in less, and to try and do so would compromise the quality of service and finish you deserve.


Firstly we believe that the consultation is fundamental to the quality of your experience not only in the salon but

also between your visits.

A thorough understanding of your needs, lifestyle, hair type, texture and condition is essential for us to be able to

appropriately and successfully do what we do. Even our existing and long standing guests have things to discuss about their hair,

it’s very rare that you’ll hear us use the phrase ‘the usual.’

This is because your life and lifestyle is constantly changing and with that your hair may need to change too.

We treat you to a shampoo, head massage, hot towel and conditioner at the basin using top quality salon products to

enhance the salon experience.

We take time during every haircut to work with precision, expertise and consideration.

With men’s hair we favour a scissor over comb technique which offers a finer ‘by hand’ finish,

occasionally we may use clippers for particular contemporary finishes such as fades but never to hurry!

We dry and finish every haircut.

Our signature finish is designed to get the best out of your hair’s natural texture and character and

is an integral part of all our services.

Quite often once your hair is dry your stylist or designer will want to make finishing touches to the haircut to

fully realise the shape and texture before finishing with the perfect styling products to fully show off your hair’s beauty.