The consultation is fundamental to everything!

We simply could not do our job properly without having first spent time listening to you.

It is important we understand what you want from a haircut, what time you have or want to spend on your hair and

how important it is to you.

These are just a few of the questions we need to pose throughout the consultation for us to best know what works for you.

We consider the consultation process fundamental to everything else that follows at Oliver & Lee.

Even when you are a returning guest we do not presume to know what you want; lifestyles change, hair changes and you change.

Therefore we will never assume you’ll simply want ‘the same as last time’.

We know that it isn’t just the bigger changes but also the smaller refinements and tweaks made at

each appointment that help create a hair cut that not only works specifically for you but one that evolves with you too.

Here at Oliver & Lee we listen, we digest, we advise.

We believe that it’s only through truly seeing and hearing you that we understand you and your hair.